ctalyst ® – Unity 3D – Getting Started

An advertising network, that does not take you away from the game experience, but enhances it!


Signed up with ctalyst

Created a publisher account and added your content/game.

Download the ctalsytSDK Plugin from the API, Token and Banking -> View APIs and Token. Click on button “Download Plugin/API”. Extract the ctalystSDKs.zip file to known location.

Using the SDK:

Import the SDK – assets – import custom package – import ctalyst SDK.

Locate the ctalystUnitySDK.unitypackage file inside the extracted ctalystSDKs.zip file. Select all the component in Unity Import Package Window and click on Import button.

Following folder structure will be imported in you Unity project.

Inside the plugin folder is the main plugin DLL. It has three components, ctalyst_Game_Registration, ctalystPlayerObject, ctalystSDK. For getting started with Ad serving ctalystPlayerObject and ctalystSDK components are required.

Next step is to create an Empty GameObject in you scene and name it as AdHandler. Create another Empty GameObject and name is at Player. The Player GameObject is the one that will be interacting with the Interactive Ads. For more information about the Type of Ads Served read Ad Types supported by ctalyst®.

Next, drag and drop ctalystSDK Component from ctalyst.dll file under Assets/DLI/plugins folder onto AdHandler GameObject. If you do not see all three components as shown in the image above click on the Arrow on left of  the ctalyst.dll under Project Window of your Unity Editor. Component ctalystSDK can be found attached under Inspector Window of the AdHandler GameObject.  Fill up the your Publisher Token in “Token” field and Game ID in “Content ID” field.

Next, drag and drop ctalystPlayerObject Component from ctalyst.dll file under Assets/DLI/plugins folder onto onto Player GameObject. Now drag and drop AdHandler GameObject in “ctalyst Object” field under Player GameObject Inspector Window. You have to repeat this step for all the GameObjects that will be interacting with Interactive Type Ads Controlled by the person playing the game.

At this point you have completed the setup of the ctalystSDK in you project. Next step will be specifying the ad space in your project. For that please follow the article Unity 3D – Adding Ad Space.