The ctalyst® User Registration and Login plugin for Unity 3D is free and very easy to use.  We’ve designed it for simplicity and also compliance with the app store guidelines, regulations, and rules on Apple iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.

The plugin can be used “As Is”, or you can customize it, including designing your own interface, by reviewing our Custom Registration and Custom Login online documentation or reviewing the included documentation with the scripts.

Basic Concepts

The User Registration and Login plugin for the Unity 3D game development engine has been designed to be drag and drop and very easy for developers to integrate into their apps or games.

The registration and login scripts have been created as Unity 3D game ready scenes.  The LoginOrRegistration scene is a simple button scene that can be modified or placed into your menu system.  The buttons are pre-programmed to link to the Registration and Login scenes.

To use the plugin, you will need a Publisher account on the ctalyst network.  Publisher accounts are 100% free.

User registration data is collected on the ctalyst servers.  This helps you remain in compliance with app store guidelines and rules.  You can retrieve your registered user information at any time by logging into your account.

User logins are recorded on the ctalyst servers.  This means your registered users can interact with your apps or games universally and from any device.

Your user registration and login data is yours.  It is not shared with other developers, marketers, or third parties.  Because your registered users have “opted-in” through a double verification system, you know they are real people and have agreed to receive your email communications.  You can use this to promote features, your in-app store, or new game titles.

Setting Up The User Registration and Login System

In this tutorial, we’re going to set up a gamer registration and login system for your Unity 3D game.

We’ve provided a sample registration and login scene with your download package, and you can find information in our online documents, or within the included scene scripts on how to customize and create your own interface.

The RegistrationLoginMenu.unitypackage includes:

  • LoginOrRegister scene (the button menu)
  • Registration scene
  • Login scene

Using our registration and login will ensure that all of your registered users have verified and validated their email addresses, opted in to receive your email communications and marketing messages, and keeps you compliant with app store guidelines and rules.

Let’s begin by importing the RegistrationLoginMenu.unitypackage  To do so, select Assets, Import Package, Custom Package.

Navigate to the RegistrationLoginMenu.unitypackage, select it, select all, and import.

This will import 3 scenes into your Project Assets Scenes folder.  They are the LoginOrRegister scene, the Login scene, and the Register scene.

The login and register buttons on the LoginOrRegister scene are already linked to the Login and Registration scenes.

You’ll need to confirm they are present in your Build Settings.

Required Registered User Information

The required information for registration is an email address, a password, and a confirmation of the password.

Options Registered User Information

The optional fields are age, income, and gender, and must include the Information Collection text:

The information below is optional and not required. We collect this information to ensure that any delivered content is appropriate for your age and demographic, and to further ensure the content is relevant to your interests and preferences.

This is to assure compliance with app store guidelines and to prevent your game from being rejected.

The Registered User Experience

Clicking the Register button will send an email confirmation to the registrant’s email address.  They must confirm their email address before they can login to the game.

We greatly encourage providing your users with a valuable incentive for registration.

The registration information is saved to your publisher account and you can retrieve it at any time by logging in to your account, selecting the Analytics and Stats quick button, selecting analytics, choosing the game, and scrolling to the User Registration Data panel.

The Login Scene

The login scene is very simple.  It only requires the email and password.  However, the email must have been verified prior to being able to login to the game.

If your user has not registered and or has not verified their email account, they will not be permitted to login.

Our ctalyst SDK includes functions that allow you to confirm logged in users, and persists across your game. You can use these functions to encourage and reward your gamers to sign up.

That’s it!  It’s that easy.


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