The Game Status Codes provide an indication of the editable state of the ctalyst® ad network within your game or app.  Regardless of the status, you will always be able to edit, change, modify and create your games without interference or interruption from the ad network.



ctalyst® Game Status Codes

There are six ctalyst® status codes.  The are Editing, Pending Approval, Approved, Not Approved, Live, and Published.

The purpose of the status codes is to make it easy for developers to fully test the ad network during their development cycles without interfering with the development workflow or having to run live ads.

ctalyst game status codes

Editing state:

After you’ve signed up for a free developer’s account, you will need to add a game to the ctalyst® network.  You do so from your dashboard by clicking the Your Published Content quick button and selecting Add New Content.

Certain fields are mandatory and they are indicated in soft-yellow.  Note that in order to being receiving ads all mandatory fields must be completed and cannot contain null or zero values.  The moment you click any Save button, your game will be placed into the Editing state and will be able to receive sandbox ads.

We recommend keeping your game in the editing state until you have placed all of your ads, product placements, and videos and are satisfied with your selections and are ready to submit the game to the App Stores.  After you have done so, update your Ad Inventory and then submit the game for approval.


Pending Approval state:

After you submit your game for approval to the ctalyst® network, a support representative will review the submission to ensure all the necessary information has been correctly provided.  During this time, which is usually a few hours to one business day, you will not be able to make any further changes to the ads, ad types, quantity and so on.


Approved state:

Once your game has been Approved, it is considered to be complete and ready for submission to the app store.  There are no ctalyst ad network issues that will hold you back or cause delays and you’re ready to go.

You won’t be able to make any more changes to the ads, types, quantity or content.

However, we do understand that last minute changes happen.  We’re game developers too.

Should you need to make ad changes, no problem.  Simply set the game’s state back to Editing and you’re good to go.


Not Approved state:

Should your game be placed into the Not Approved state, don’t panic.  It just means that we found an error that needs to be fixed before you can move on to the final steps.

We’ll do our best to provide you with enough detail and step-by-step instructions to help you fix the problem.  We’re also available by email, chat, or even remote desktop to help support you.


Live state:

You can trigger the Live state after you’re game has been approved by ctalyst® support and you have successfully submitted your game to the various App Stores.  Your game will still be displaying Sandbox Ads in this state.

You’ll need to provide us with a download link to each store.

ctalyst® support will review and verify the game submission.  And hey…these guys LOVE playing great games and may even post a review for you.  Should there be any issues, the ctalyst® support team will contact you right away to help out.

After the support team has had a chance to review the game on the stores (it doesn’t take them long), your game will be set to the Published state.


Published state:

Once your game enters the Published state, it’ll be serving real ads.

You’ll also begin to receive payments and detailed analytics for the ads you’re displaying, and will have access to user registration information if you chose to use our handy user registration system.

That’s it.  It’s really that easy!


Feel free to reach out to us at Disrupted Logic Interactive and ctalyst®.  We’re always excited and happy to work with developers and help them get the most out of their apps and games.



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