Introduction to In-Game Player Rewards

Player rewards are real-world rewards offered by advertisers to gamers who interact or engage with either interactive or product placement ads.

To include an interactive ad or a product placement, developers are required to also include a rewards menu.

Setting up a rewards menu with the ctalyst Unreal Engine plugin is really easy.

For this tutorial, I’m going to assume you have already successfully installed the ctalyst Unreal Engine plugin.  You can watch the short tutorial on how to install ctalyst by clicking the link below.

Watch the ctalyst® Unreal Engine UE4 Plugin Installation Tutorial

Importing the Rewards Menu Component

In this tutorial, I’ll be working with a blank Level.  However, you can implement and use ctalyst at any time within your development cycle.

Open your file explorer in Windows or Mac and copy the RewardsMenu folder to the Contents folder of your project’s root directory.

Right-Click on Unreal Project file and Click on Generate Visual Studio project files.  This will ensure your project is up to date with the ctalyst plugin.

Setting Up Your Unreal Engine Project

Open your Unreal Project.

From the Content Bowser window, navigate to the Rewards Menu Folder and open the Rewards Menu or Rewards Level.

Now, from the World Settings Module, select Game Mode, GameMode Override and ensure that the RewardsMenuGameMode has been selected.

Right-click the World Settings module and select GameMode, HUD Class RewardsMenuHUD. This attaches the RewardsMenu to the level.

Open RewardsMenuHUD from Rewards Menufolder into the Event Graph.

Note the Construct node box.  Be sure that the RewardsMenuWidgetBluePrint Class Option has been selected.

As we have added a new Level to your project, we must add ctalystSDK to this level as well. Search for “SDK” search bar under Modes window. Drag and drop the Actor inot the Rewards Level. Add publisher Token and contentID under Actor’s Detail Window.

You can now compile and run.


The rewards menu is now configured and ready to begin displaying coupons in a scrollable list.

You have now successfully setup the ctalyst reward system and can customize the reward screen to match the natural look and feel of your games.