Introduction to ctalyst® UE4 Player Registration System

Player registrations are a great way learning more about your players and audience. The ctalyst registration system will help you connect with your players in new ways including announcing new content, specials, updates and more.

Setting up the ctalyst® registration menu is really easy.

For this tutorial, you should have already installed the ctalyst Unreal Engine UE4 plugin.  You will also need to have already added your unique Developer Token and Game ID.  You can watch the tutorial here:

Watch the ctalyst® Unreal Engine UE4 Plugin Installation Tutorial

Importing the Player Registration System to Unreal Engine (UE4)

In this tutorial, we’ll be demonstrating with an empty blank Level.  However, you can implement and use ctalyst at any time during your development cycle.

Open Windows Explorer and copy the RegistrationMenu folder to the Contents folder of your project’s root directory.

Right-Click on your Unreal Project file and Click on Generate Visual Studio project files.  This will ensure that all dependencies are automatically updated.

Setting Up Your Unreal Engine Project

Open your Unreal Project.

From within the Content Browser window, navigate to the Registration Menu Folder and open the Registration Menu level.

From the World Settings window, select Game Mode, Game Mode Override and make sure RegistrationLevelGameMode is selected.

Select the HUD Class to be RegistrationHUD

Open the RegistrationHUD from within RegistrationMenu folder.  If the event graph is not already opened, you can open it now.

You will notice a node called Construct Node.  From the Class drop down option, select the RegistrationWidgetBlueprint option.

Compile and save your project.

Adding The ctalyst® SDK

Because we have added a new Level to your project, we must also add the ctalystSDK to the level.  To do this, navigate to the Modes window and search for “SDK”.  Drag and drop the Actor into the Registration Level.


The Registration menu is now ready.  Press the Play button.

Fields marked with a red star are mandatory.  All other fields are optional.  Players are required to “opt-in” when completing the optional fields.  This is a great feature that will help keep you compliant with anti-spam laws.

You have now successfully setup the ctalyst registration system.

The registration screen has been provided as a starting point.  You can customize the registration screen to match the natural look and feel of your game.