In House advertising is a unique and awesome feature designed for Game Developers.  In House makes it really easy for developers to create their own ads and place them in their apps and games.

You can advertise anything you want, for free!

Advertiser features, your in-app store, levels, tips and tricks, hints, your other games, or even use it for localization.  And we mean it: advertise anything you want, for free!

Getting Started

In this video tutorial, we’re going to create an in house dynamic and product placement campaign.  We are going to assume you have already downloaded the ctalyst® plugin and have properly configured it for your game.  If you have not yet done so, please review the installation tutorial.

From your dashboard, click the Your Published Content quick button, Add A New In House Campaign.

The creation process of a Dynamic or Static campaign is similar, just as the creation process of an interactive or product placement is similar.

Let’s create one static and one product placement.

Creating An In House Static Ad

We’ll start with Static.

Give your campaign a name, add keywords and a description, and pick a start date.  Attach the campaign to the game you would like to run the in house ads in.

Complete the short Ad Rating and Content Descriptors section. This is a fail-safe for our Artificial Intelligence and is manually verified by Disrupted Logic’s ctalyst support staff.

Either create or add an image library to the campaign.  You can review our Add An Image Library tutorial to review how image libraries are created.  In this tutorial, we will select an image library from our list.

We can also drag and drop a group of properly formatted ad images directly into the image drop zone and give the new library a name.

When done, click the Submit for Approval button.  A Disrupted Logic ctalyst support person will review and approve your ad shortly.

Creating An In House Product Placement Ad

Now let’s create a Product Placement campaign.

Click the Add A New In House Campaign button under the Your Published Content quick button.

Select Product Placement

Again, give the campaign a name, keywords, description, and a start date.  Link the campaign to the game in your games list.

Complete the Ad Ratings and Content Descriptors.

The 3D models section will now be available and will display a list of the models that have been made available within your game.  The setup Product Placement models within your game, review our Product Placement tutorial.

Select the model from your list, and upload the ad texture you would like associated to that model.  You can download sample Photoshop textures from the Product Placement Catalog at any time.

Click Save and Continue and then submit your In House Product Placement campaign for approval.

And that’s it!  It’s really that easy.


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