Developer Game Status Codes – Defined

The Game Status Codes provide an indication of the editable state of the ctalyst® ad network within your game or app.  Regardless of the status, you will always be able to edit, change, modify and create your games without interference or interruption from the ad network.     ctalyst® Game Status Codes There are six ctalyst® […]

ctalyst Presents 10 Easy Unity 3D Mobile Game Optimization Tricks

Unity 3D mobile game optimization presents a number of challenges, and we’ve done the legwork and made it really easy to solve them. The wide selection and variety of mobile devices combined with extremely diverse hardware and specifications are enough to give even the best of us a headache.  There are a number of resources […]

What does ctalyst offer for Publishers?

What is ctalyst®? Creative Tool Set ctalyst® is a tool set to develop integrate and monetize your apps across different platforms.  It allows you to get creative!  No longer do you have to worry about intrusive ads that render over your game and hard work.  ctalyst allows you to take control of the advertising experience, and […]

In House Advertising Campaigns Overview

Introduction In this tutorial, we’re going to look at how In House campaigns work.  This is just an overview to get you started and we provide more detail in other tutorial videos. Publishers have the ability to create ad campaigns for their own content, in-app stores, cross promote other games, and anything else. From the […]

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